I’m sure you’re probably wondering to yourself who is this chick, what makes her better than all the other fitness “experts” out there?

My answer,


Nothing makes me “better”.

No trainer, nutritionist, coach, hell – PERSON is any better than any other. What sets each of us apart, make each individual unique is our stories. Some stories you can relate to, and others you can’t. We are each on a journey – some tougher than others – but it’s a journey nonetheless.

It’s this journey that molds us into the people we become.  That’s what makes this world such an amazing and beautiful place!

So, to show you my “uniqueness” as a fitness trainer, health coach, and motivator, here is my story…

My fitness journey began as far back as I can remember.  At the age of 4 I began Gymnastics, and the bug has been with me ever since. According to my parents, there were some moments of hesitation but I have chosen to forget those, I clearly didn’t know what I was thinking.
Gymnastics helped me in so many ways – some of which I didn’t even realize until much later in life. This sport offered so much – strength, flexibility, balance, control, time management, friendship…the list goes on! I truly credit gymnastics for my career and my commitment to the lifestyle.

I realize this post is not a gymnastics promotion, but this took up a HUGE part of my life, and I do have a point I’m getting to. Stick with me…

Unfortunately, my gymnastics career ended during my Freshman year of college.

This was NOT by choice and I was devastated. After a series of various injuries, stress fractures to my back were the final ending. At this point you could imagine how distraught, confused, and angry I was. I had lost my identity, my passion, and I felt useless. The ending of gymnastics was unfortunately the beginning of a long and painful downward spiral.

I’m not going to get into details, but the next few years were filled with unhealthy choices, loss of many friendships, and eventually having to leave school because of declining grades.

Awesome right?!

Many kids have their learning years in high school…mine came in college.

So there I was, back in my hometown, depressed and unhealthy. This was 2009.

It was through A LOT of work: learning how to love and accept myself for who I am, while luckily finding a best friend and ultimately my husband, that I FINALLY arrived here, where I am today.
Strong, healthy, confident, and most importantly HAPPY.

I think it took my downfall to find my true self and to realize how strong I can be on my own. Since 2009 I have gone back to school, completed my Bachelor Degree, received my fitness trainer certification, rebuilt friendships, found the love of my life (I was even lucky enough to MARRY him), and ultimately became content with ME.

Now, I am here, running my own business and ready to change people’s lives.  Through all the ups and downs in the past, and all of those to come, I am me. That’s all I can be, and finally, I am ok with that.

March 27, 2015