Disclaimer: This post is focused on change and the amazing things that can come from it.  If you’re open to changing your life and taking on incredible things, then please read on!  If you do not like positive blog posts, and/or if you are in a bad mood, then do not continue to read.    


The word “change” is something that many of us fear.  It is that tiny, six-letter word that can be the difference between the life you envisioned for yourself, and the life you actually live.  To begin the process, you start from within – your attitude.  Attitude changes everything; change your mood, and things will fall into place.  Sounds simple, right?  Not entirely.

Change can be difficult, but it is a constant in life.  I will admit that I’m still not best friends with change, but we’re getting there.  Overtime, and with each new chapter of my life, I’ve tried to stop focusing on the fact that things are changing, but instead on why and how.  This way, I can see how change can actually be helpful and not harmful.

I recently went on a week-long family vacation to Virginia Beach.  In the past, this trip has been something I looked forward to all year.  This year I had a very different feeling: fear.  I am running my own business now and I was terrified to leave it alone for a whole week.  In my head, that week away would cause me to lose all my clients, therefore causing my business to fail.  Obviously this was a very dramatic assumption, but give me a break here, this is my first!

A funny thing happens on vacation.  Leaving your “normal” life for an extended period of time forces you to really look at what you’re doing.  In the past, it’s made me realize how unhappy I was in relationships, jobs, or even where I was living.  This year, something amazing happened – I took a look at my life and thought oh my goodness, I LOVE THIS!  I immediately felt a sense of power and accomplishment, and it felt so good.

Coming back home was actually exciting for me.  I missed my clients and I was ready to get back into the gym to kick some bridal (and non-bridal) butt.  These feelings were completely eye-opening for me.  Such a big change in my life turned into something wonderful.  It took me taking a step back and really seeing to understand how amazing life really is.

As you go through the many changes that come into your life, I encourage you to not only accept them, but embrace them.  Change can bring some pretty incredible things, and when you really take a step back and look at where you’re life has gone, look for the positive.  You may surprise yourself!

August 6, 2015