Since we are just getting to know each other here, I thought I’d share another outlet I use for my health and fitness training: Vlogging.

I find that videos give me an “in-between” from writing and in-person conversation.  I truly believe that hearing words can be much more impactful than reading them.  With our busy lives, I’m not always able to get face-to-face with my clients as often as I’d like.  My vlog gives me the chance to speak to them, motivate them, and hopefully bring some additional guidance to their health and wellness program.

Some Examples:

Motivational Monday – yes, this slogan is used over and over, but really this is exactly what I accomplish with these videos.  Each Monday, I post to my vlog with some motivational words.  Sometimes it’s long and has a specific subject, other times it’s just an upbeat message to get you going for the day!

Exercise of the Week – each week I post an exercise video.  No, this is not like those videos you’ll buy online with 6 attractive women bouncing around in sports bras and tiny shorts.  This is just me, treating you the viewer, as if you were training with me.  I describe the exercise, which muscles groups are engaged, and demonstrate it plus any variations.

These videos are me – the very real me.  I make corny jokes, I don’t do any re-takes – and this is on purpose!

Hey, you want to train with me? Watch a video and you’ll get to know me really quickly!

Check out my YouTube Channel to see for yourself.

Hope you all have a fit and fabulous day!


March 29, 2015