Recently, I’ve struggled with some health issues, some that have required multiple trips to the doctor’s office, in addition to hours of pain.  Running back and forth to different appointments, popping pills to see what works, and constantly being frustrated has been draining.  I was finding myself falling behind on work and not being as alert as I’d like in my training sessions.  Running a business – especially a new one – takes up a lot of time.  This illness was taking time away from me, and I was not happy about it.  I found myself getting angry, frustrated, and pushed myself even harder than before – thinking don’t be a baby, you’re fine.

I clearly wasn’t “fine” and telling myself that was not getting me there any quicker.  About a week or two in, my head finally began to clear.  I realized how ridiculous I was being.  Here I am, a fitness trainer – constantly focusing on how amazing our bodies are and how well we should treat them – and I was doing the complete opposite.  I was MAD at my body for being sick, for taking up time, for getting in the way of my life!  Crazy right?!

If you follow us on Instagram, you know that a picture was posted to our page that said “Listen to your body, it’s smarter than you”.  This day I came to that realization and decided it was time to listen, time to take a step back and let my body heal itself.  Yes, I have not been to the gym as often as I’d like.  Yes, my nutrition has changed a bit.  With all my body has done for me, doesn’t it deserve a fighting chance?  I think yes.

The pressures of our lives take over every single day.  Be sure that you’re aware of what is going on around you, but ALSO what is going on inside you.  Listen to your body, your mind, and your heart – it will never steer you wrong.

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August 30, 2015